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been thinking about your mortality recently?
started planning your funeral?
disappointed with the frustratingly 18th century
proposals for your final farewell?
Happy Endings Funeral Services have got your number
and are here to make your last days your best days
Improvised ‘live’ with the audience Funerabilis
is not only a two man journey into our last journey
it is a comico-philosophical celebration of what makes us tick.
till Death do us Party! ⚰️
+48 609 883 994 🌴
Satirical, poetic and daft, this new edition
from The Miraculous Theatre Company
not only shines a warming light
on a cold and dark subject
but is guaranteed to make your audience laugh, cry, think
and actually look forward
to what happens next.

happily immortalized

LaStrada Festival
Bremen, 2023

ParkPerPlex Festival
Norderstedt 2023

Ulicznicy Festival
Gliwice, 2022

Dionizje Festival
Łochów, 2022

Ełckie Lato Kulturalne
Ełk, 2022